Achievements so far

Transnational kick off meeting and workshops in Valladolid (Spain) among professionals working with older people with vision and hearing impairments.

Transnational meeting in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) together with site visits and workshops.

Transnational multiplier event and steering meeting in Düren (Germany) to disseminate the project achievements to the European network ENVITER.

Transnational meeting in Madrid (Spain) to agree on the final details concerning the online training courses.

Methodological guide SENSNET

They are freely available, but cannot be traded, neither copied or modified without the express consent of the partners of the project.

Methodological guide

Access to the online training platform.

Free access to our training courses for professionals working with older people with sensory impairment.

Access the SENSNET-EASI platform 

You can download the instructions on how to create you account and access the free online training courses.